Various artists


2011 - 2014


5400 Central SE in the middle of the Tradewinds Lot


Several projects have been sited at this sign, the majority of projects being part of an open call for participation from the public. The Mastercharge sign became the pioneer for increased community engagement in sign making. Projects at this sight included an open call for submissions, the Instagram Competition Cinnamon Tree.

Lady J, submitted via email by Jose Sandoval.

Jose Sandoval, Lady J

Classical Gas, by Jose Sandoval

Hold Fast, by Pete Railand

Grow, by Pete Railand

Ghosts, by Pete Railand

Installing Ghosts

Responses to open calls for photographs emailed to us have included photos such as  Lady J and Classical Gas, submitted by Jose Sandoval.


 Artist Pete Railand installed several images in 2012, including Ghosts, Grow, and  Hold Fast.

Instagram Competition


In fall of 2013 we decided to host an Instagram competition for this sign, and winning entries included Love, by #slvedge. The Instagram competition was curated by Michael Lopez and Lindsey Fromm.

Cinnamon Tree


Artists Michael Lopez and Ian Kerstetter interviewed people who wait for the bus directly below the sign and asked them where they were going, what their final destination was. The responses they recieved became the basis for a sign they made, and a photo of the handmade sign was then installed above the bus stop.