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Water and Earth

Updated: Jan 19

In late October I met the backpackers in the Bosque. As I walked up several members were adorning themselves with colorful paint; I knew immediately it would be an exciting day. I brought out my surprise: a wet clay pot, ready to carve and texturize. We sat on the forest floor and picked up little objects around us like bark, sticks, leaves, seedpods; and pressed, paddled, poked and prodded at the pot. We drew images with sticks and later when we went to the river nearby, we washed the pot in river water and embedded sand in the clay. We also took pinches of clay and squished them onto hard surfaces we found in the forest.

While working on the pot, the backpackers filtered in and out of the activity to huddle in a cave of sticks, get pushed on a hand-made swing, and climb on fallen logs.

Later we headed down a small hill to the riverbed with an extended beach due to the low water level. The exposed riverbed allowed for a a close study of many more textures: prints in the mud, reflections in water pools, and fields of baby cottonwoods.

The textures made in earth and water became permanent after the clay was fired in December. The little clay texture pieces will be used in future artworks we make in the coming months.

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