• Lindsey

Finding Beauty in the Mountains

On Friday, September 25th, I met with a lively group of 5 and 6 year olds in a beautiful meadow in the Sandia Mountains.

In the dappled light under tall pines we picked flowers, observed mushrooms, and cast shadows onto tree stumps that looked like they had swirling fingerprints.

As we searched for a dead yellow bird in the grass, an old Easter egg was found with a disintegrated dollar inside. We didn't find the bird, but did find newly yellowed leaves that were raining from the trees.

It was a wondrous moment when a fallen tree branch was held against the sky and a hawk flew overhead.

During my time there we wondered about the idea of Beauty. What is beauty, what is beautiful? What can we find out here that is beautiful?

We certainly found our fill of beauty that morning. The children directed me to take pictures of their beautiful finds, and I encouraged them to see these things in new ways: in a different light, with a change of background, or collected with other objects. As we played with the materials in the forest around us we explored the beauty within the living and dying processes taking place at this moment of a change in seasons.

This experience is captured through photographs. Moving forward, we will continue to photograph our changing world, search for beauty and find interesting compositions in nature. We will also create collages with printed photographs that further explore the interesting textures and colors we documented that day.

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