• Lindsey

Where Windows Become Portals

On Monday October 5th, I spent the morning with a group of young navigators who lead me tromping through the foothills to a stone house, a mountain peak as our compass. The children crossed with ease into new realms of the imagination where windows became portals and sticks and rocks were tools for gaining supernatural powers.

Some children scrambled up the walls to a perch on the roof for a better view of their new world. They tied up a rock with a string and sent it clattering down the chimney: INCOMING, stay back! Is everyone out of the way? 5-4-3-2...CRASH!

The rocks exploded down the chute to squeals of delight from above and below. The glittering broken pieces were claimed as totems, carefully examined and then abandoned for the next more powerful object.

Perspectives shifted quickly in the chaos of movement. Bright yellow chamisa and green scrub tilted towards gateways of stone windows, giving way to infinite vistas and bright mountain paths. Each new discovery condensed the entire world into the tiniest detail, then expanded their imaginations into mythic territories beyond earthly possibility.

Sometimes, after an epic encounter (i.e., mystical battle), you have to sit very still and concentrate to re-build your power, I was told. Then you pick up your sticks, cross them like so, and...WHOOSH! Your ability returns.

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