Artists Ellen Babcock, Bethany Delahunt, Lindsey Fromm and Aline Hunziker with Highland students Hilary Weir, Gabe Thompson and Desiree Marmon.


Completed in 2012, Permanent


4119 Central Ave NE. Albuquerque, NM


Under the direction of lead artist Ellen Babcock,  FOS members worked intensively with Highland High school students from January-June, 2011, to develop designs for a sign at 4119 Central Avenue. Forming an after school art club, the FOS team introduced digital graphic design skills, critical thinking exercises and exploratory field trips to the teens as part of a collaborative design development focused on this particular orphan sign. Funding by the Albuquerque Arts Board, support from property owner Matthew Terry, and expert production by Sign Art Co. of New Mexico came together to produce the backlit, neon-lined sign that showcases the artwork of Highland students Hilary Weir, Ellie Martin, Gabe Thompson and Desiree Marmon.

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